We are Bancambios. An experienced group of professionals working to build data-driven financial services. We bring a new sense of equilibrium to deliver financial services tailored to the current global circumstances, working with both the legacy environment and the speed technology. Our team’s commitment is to build an less destructive economy system while democratizing true wealth.

The goal is to achieve the “Kinetic-Money” on a collective self-banking community. Visit our Team page to find out more…

For the 1 billion people who are native Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese speakers, the term “Bancambios” should not sound foreign at all.  For the rest, well, allow us to share with you the history of banking:

Banca > Bank or Banking. Medieval origin (11th-15th centuries). The word “bank” derives from the Italian word ‘banco‘, literally meaning ‘bench’, since Italian merchants in the Renaissance period made deals to borrow and lend by placing the money owed on a bench. In fact, the world’s oldest bank can be traced back to 1462 – the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Italy.

Cambios > to change or exchange. Cambio in Latin means: mutation, transformation, variation, update, evolution, moneta (coin of small denomination), process of alteration, rearrangement or permutation.

Bancambios Praexology.

Global Axiom. The world needs change – it has never been so evident.

Approximately 80 per cent of the global population lives on less than $10 dollars a day.  In concrete terms, this means that the number of people who live on more than $10 a day have increased by 900 million in the last decade (before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak). Meanwhile, 60 per cent of the global population lives with less than $1 a day.

Corporations and government business models are causing irreversible damage with or without intention. Not only to the people, but to our natural reserves, oceans, lakes and rivers, by contaminating them with a product that is 100 percent unnecessary, like plastic. 

The actual bank system comes from a bellic background involving subjugation and usurpation, whether we like it or not. However nowadays, there is the technology we need to select how to better manage our economy, in a smart and sustainable way.

On the other hand, the World Bank calculated that the global average cost for a $200 MTO (Money Transfer Service) transaction in 2018 was 7.1 per cent, approximately $14 dollars. 

From the Tulip Mania in Amsterdam in 1637 to the Great Depression in 1920, today we are equipped with extremely powerful computer systems that can process complex mathematics and base the economical equations on blue numbers, on a regular basis. We want to do this project to avoid having another scenario like we experienced back in 2008, where Pension Funds lost $3.5 trillion. The world is literally on fire, running on a destructive economic model that has allowed for 70 per cent of our fish population to contain traces of plastic. We live in a society, where people are forced to kill and sell wild animals that could potentially lead to a global pandemic. Our consumeristic trends are toxic for both the body and the mind. There are thousand more reasons why we need to change how our economy is managed. Banks, Corporations, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and others are managing trillions of dollars, lacking social-responsibility: they are not responsible for humans, only numbers. The future of Financial Services is built by “us” the People to serve “us” the People! Computer systems can allow us to decide how our money is managed, instead of giving it away to banks to destroy the Planet. Better if we manage it ourselves, and grow a sustainable economy ourselves. Money is “transportable” – the time for us to make it happen, is now!


In a world based on the “glorification” of individuals whose only purpose of self-promoting and self promoted recognition is to bring more revenue for marketing, our aim is to build wealth that is consciously distributed to our Users. Gone are the days of predatory products or services that are superficially glorified through destructive practices and marketing. 

Inspired by the Future.

We envision a new model based on economic and financial systems that would change how finances are managed. This is the reason why we came up with the name Bancambios. It combines the old economic fashion with the new technology in one place.

Bancambios Manifesto

With a firm commitment to our name, Bancambios’ mission is to serve the people first. Our success is only guaranteed by following this manifesto. We are committed to reduce waste of any form (time, plastic, paper, money), and empower and promote initiatives for responsible capitalism. Do not expect plastic credit-cards from us, we aim to empower and free the people from the lack of performance from legacy economical systems.

Team Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to help and serve. We do not pursue prestige, self-promotion, recognition or popularity. We are grounded, and accessible. The best prize we can ever receive is a satisfied user. We strive to deliver quality products, and to create a new economic society that relies on smart mathematics for everyone.

We avoid pretentious attitudes, lack of humbleness, we strive to have grounded personalities with the ears and eyes open to the real world, close to the people. Our best celebrity is a happy customer.

Best Practices Commitment 

Our commitment is not solely from a regulatory perspective, but also from a humanitarian and environmental responsibility perspective.

We commit to global initiatives in forms of FinTech Sandboxes from around the world, to honoring intellectual property, user data, user trust and every single individual.

Our commitment is for the security of our Users, and what is best for all.

Some previous experience of our team members: