It all began from ancient Egypt (Mesopotamia): with the Hammurabi code dated 1970 BC, known to be one of the world’s ancient ledgers existing through many ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Asians, Indians and other civilizations. These are early records of tracking and registering stored or transacted money which in some cases were seeds, salt, Italian metals where the bank was institutionalized.

Nowadays, emerging technologies like Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLTs) transactions are transparent, traceable and in perpetuity with gold-backed trading symbols that represent real gold. As you can see humans have always been interested in recording and tracing the exchange of value. It does not seem like 3,990 years made any difference. However it is 3,990 that we need to resume learn and apply an updated system that make people trade, exchange, pay, in real-time, under a regulated legal “umbrella”.

Nowadays we have embraced powerful devices, able to control 300 satellites around the world. However, the actual bank system lacks 24/7 performance, immediate transfers and accessibility. And that is why we take all the different aspects humanity has experienced during thousands of years, and transform it into an actual dynamic mode of “banking” with no additional hardware needed. People only need to be human to access Quality Financial Services on real-time.